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Celebrate International Day of the Seal | March 22nd 2024

International Day of the Seal takes place on March 22. It is a day set aside to raise awareness about seal conservation around the world.

It's also a day for us seal lovers to honor this amazing sea mammal. Seals are not only adorable and attractive, but their presence in the world today has a significant impact.

They are also the most targeted marine mammal on the planet. These creatures are in danger of soon becoming extinct.

Humans have always posed a significant threat to them, as people capture them for feed, blubber, or pelts. As a result, this day is observed to emphasize the importance of preserving their population.

1. Seals Are Part of the Pinniped Order of Marine Mammals
2. Seals Prefer Cold Sea Waters
3. In the Wild, Grey Seals Can Live for Up to 35 Years
4. Seal Species Come in Different Sizes
5. Some Seal Species Feed off Fellow Seals!
6. The Crabeater Seal Boasts the Largest Population of All the Seal Species
7. Seals Can Sleep Underwater
8. Some Seals Can Dive Up to 900m in Depth
9. A Seal Mum’s Milk Can Be Up to 50% Fat
10. Over the Last Century, Various Species Have Gone Extinct
11. Earless Seals Do Have Ears
12. Seals Can Be Hooligans
13. Seals Boast a Gestation Period of About 11 Months
14. Mother and Baby Seals Recognise Each Other
15. Alpha-Male Elephant Seals Are Quite the Possessive Don Juans

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