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Celebrate National Bagel Day | 15th of Feb 2024

National Bagel Day is January 15th. Bagels have a richer history than your favorite cream cheese sauce! These round dough pieces can be found everywhere: breakfast shops, cafes, supermarkets, even your pantry.

Eat a bagel with every meal

Use the day as an opportunity to appreciate the versatility of bagels and use it as an excuse to experiment with flavors!

Sharing the Bagel Love

What office, classroom, or group of friends doesn't like bagels? Check out your local bagel store for exclusive deals on National Bagel Day and pick up a dozen delicious bagels to share with everyone this spring.

Find the best bagels in town

Everyone has their favorite place to get bagels, so maybe it's time to find out where the best ones are. Maybe every place has its own bagel specialty - give it a try!

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