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25 Popular Songs for Traffic Rider

Cruise into the driver's seat with Traffic Rider, the slick motorcycle racing game. With over 40 rides to unlock, you can feel the rush of drifting and drag racing through highway traffic.

Top 25 music songs in Traffic Rider

Here are top music tracks fitting for the motorbike racing mobile game Traffic Rider:

1. Born to Ride

Rock anthem celebrating bikers

2. Highway Star

Hard rock capturing road trip thrills

3. Fast Lane

High energy rock conveying speed

4. Hell on Wheels

Bad boy biker attitude

5. Wheels

Classic road tune by Foo Fighters

6. Bat Out of Hell

Meat Loaf's bike racing epic

7. Hellraiser

High octane Motorhead track

8. Rebel Yell

Billy Idol's rebellious bike rager

9. RPM

High velocity rock expressing sheer speed

10. Fuel

Metallica's intense heavy metal

11. Race Against Myself

Fast paced, competitive theme

12. Lights and Thunder

Powerful hard rock crescendo

13. Kickstart My Heart

Mötley Crüe's racer

14. Ramblin' Man

Allman Brothers' wandering rider

15. Bicycle Race

Queen's quirky bike-riding ditty

16. Black Betty

Adrenaline-inducing rock cover

17. Rad Racer

Retro synthwave driving music

18. Danger Zone

Top Gun cruising intensity

19. Runnin' Down a Dream

Petty's pumping classic

20. Radar Love

Road trip and racing callbacks

21. Drive

Synth-fueled intensity by The Cars

22. I Want You to Want Me

Cheap Trick's passion-filled racer

23. I Love Rock N Roll

Joan Jett's rebellious punk energy

24. Paranoid Android

Radiohead's disorienting road trip

25. Silver Machine

Psychedelic biker themed space rock

Lean into tight corners as you ride through urban areas, desert highways, and mountain roads. Dodge lumbering trucks or scrape past cars - just don't crash! Customize your rider with helmets, leather suits, gloves and more.

Traffic Rider delivers realistic physics whether you’re performing wheelies, stoppies, or burnouts. The first-person view puts you right inside the action as you race to the finish.

With endless single player levels and online leaderboards, you’ll keep coming back to beat your personal best time or compete with friends. Traffic Rider is easy to pick up and provides hours of adrenaline-charged racing action. Time to saddle up and open up the throttle!

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