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World Soil Day | Dec 5, 2023

World Soil Day is observed annually on December 5th to highlight the importance of healthy soil ecosystems.

Soil is vital for agriculture and food production, environmental sustainability, and supporting nearly all terrestrial life.

On World Soil Day, events promote best practices for soil management and conservation. Raising awareness about soil degradation threats like erosion, pollution, and desertification is a main focus.

Governments, NGOs, farmers, and the public work together to implement long-term soil sustainability policies. Simple individual actions like reducing food waste and using natural fertilizers also make a difference.

Healthy soils balance key ecosystems keeping Earth habitable. World Soil Day strives to ensure present and future generations understand and protect the planet's diverse soil resources and organisms.

Soil may be an invisible resource, but World Soil Day reminds us that caring for this foundation of terrestrial life is a fundamental shared responsibility.

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