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Celebrate World Wetlands Day | February 2 2024

World Wetlands Day is an environment-related celebration that dates back to 1971, when several conservationists came together to reaffirm protection and love for wetlands, small habitats for plants and organisms in bodies of water, not only It is rich in ecological health for water bodies but for the whole environment.

Make a poster or brochure

An important way to celebrate wetlands is to spread the word about them. Make a poster or some brochures about the wetlands and let people know!

take some pictures for the game

Wetlands are everywhere, so drive to the nearest wetland and snap some photos. There are many wetland photography competitions on this day, so please submit your photo for first place.

Organize events at local schools

Partner with teachers and community leaders to organize a kid-friendly event that celebrates all things wetlands. Let the kids know how they can help!

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