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Healthiest Fruits You Shouldn't Miss Out in This Autumn!

What kind of fruit do you eat in autumn? Eating more fruits usually allows us to get more vitamins and nutritional value, but the nutritional value and attributes of each fruit are different. So what kind of fruit do you eat in autumn?

Pomegranate can resist oxidation, reduce oxidized cholesterol deposited in the body effectively. It also can delay aging, and is very effective for early autumn throat thirst.

Bananas are called "fruits of wisdom". Bananas contain phosphorus called "salt of wisdom", rich in protein, sugar, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as a variety of cellulose.

Apple is a good for spleen appetite. Apple with high crude fiber content contains malic acid, citric acid and citric acid, so it has astringent and antidiarrheal effect.

Pears with the reputation of "the fruit of the hundred fruits" can help digestion and increase appetite. It has the functions of moistening the lungs, clearing the heart, eliminating cough and relieving cough.

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