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Celebrate Mardi Gras | Tuesday, February 13 2024

Mardi Gras refers to the Mardi Gras celebrations that begin on or after the Christian Epiphany and culminate on the day before Ash Wednesday, known as Shrove Tuesday.

Mardi Gras means "Fat Tuesday" in French, reflecting the practice of eating fatty foods on the last night before ritual fasting and Lent fasting.

Carnival, a celebration of life that precedes the more somber occasion of Ash Wednesday, almost always involves the use of masks and costumes by participants, and the most popular festive colors are purple, green and gold.

1. go to the parade

2. decorate your home

3. bake or order a king cake

4. dress up

5. watch the Carnival Documentary

6. decorate with green, gold and purple

7. boiled seafood

8. eat king pie

9. mixed Mardi Gras Martini

10. floating a shoebox

11. learn some Cajun French

12. eat some mooncakes

13. look at some family swimmers

14. dress up your dog

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