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Celebrate National Napping Day | March 11th 2024

March 13 is National Nap Day and the perfect day to recover from the Spring Forward. Don't fall asleep while I tell you this, I promise it won't be a doze off!

Naps are scientifically proven to be better for you than coffee or energy drinks. So now you can feel less guilty when you enjoy this less guilty pleasure. You may be losing that extra hour in your day, but you can feel like you've gotten some sleep by celebrating the day in style.

1. nap This may seem obvious, but in the midst of our busy schedules, we sometimes overlook things our bodies need, like rest. The best way to enjoy this vacation is to allow yourself to be comfortable and rested. Draw the curtains, put your phone on silent, and relax in your favorite pajamas.

2. set up a sleep playlist

Although sometimes we want to relax or fall asleep, we just can't turn off our brains. Creating a playlist of calming music can help your brain relax and fall asleep easier. It's a great way to relax and discover new music.

3. turn off the phone

This is the hardest thing I know! But when we're distracted by what's happening on our phones, it can be difficult for our bodies and minds to relax enough to fall asleep. If you can't bear to turn it off, put it on silent and try taking a 20-minute nap.

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