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Celebrate National Puppy Day | March 23 2024

Every year on March 23rd, National Puppy Day celebrates the unconditional love and affection that puppies bring to our lives. Their hugs and shakes make us smile, and no doubt squeals of joy whenever the pup is around!

The day also raises awareness of the need to care for and house orphaned puppies and educates people about the horrors of puppy factories across the country. A puppy is a big responsibility. Consider all it brings, and adopt from a shelter. Puppies out there need love and a home just like everyone else, and they'll make loyal pets too!

1. Plan an adventure for your pup!
2. Buy your puppy some new toys!
3. Teach your puppy a new trick or training routine!
4. Play the Over Under Through game!
5. Play date with the puppy!
6. Give your pup a spa date!
7. Donate supplies to your local animal shelter!
8. Get a puppy!
9. Sponsor a shelter puppy!
10. Adopt a puppy!

The last thing you can do to support National Puppy Day is to stand up for the humane treatment of puppies across the country. Help spread the word about the end of puppy mills forever and encourage family, friends, co-workers and others in your circle to adopt their own puppies! And share this list with other puppy parents so they can celebrate National Puppy Day too!

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